About Me

I've always been interested in topics related to the health, that's why I worked as a General Practitioner for eleven years in Barcelona.

I was lucky to practice in a busy environment and help a lot of people, and through them I learnt that conventional medicine can be really helpful.

Over the last years as a GP, I wasn't comfortable dedicating only 10 minutes to each patient. I felt bad every time I prescribed pills to stop any kind of symptom, because I've always believed that many illnesses are due to an imbalance between body, mind and soul, and that the solution is not always stopping what our body is expressing.


Despite prescribing the same treatments for the same diseases, not all patients responded equally. It was clear that those with a more positive attitude were recovering earlier, but I believed that there must be something else. I started asking the patients if they did any complementary therapy that helped them to improve faster. Some of them spoke of homeopathy, others of naturopathy, and others of Reiki.

I did the first two levels of Reiki because I was very curious about that technique that could help so much without adding any chemical element to the body. I started practicing with myself and my family, and I realized how powerful it could be. I had never felt that sense of well-being and energy before. Something began to change within me, in the way I faced life, in how I focused the problems. The more Reiki I did, the more uncomfortable I felt working as a GP.

When life gave me the opportunity to come to Ireland, I decided to follow my instincts, not going back into the conventional medicine but dedicating my professional life to holistic healing through the Reiki.

So, I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner in Dublin and since then I do what I really believe in, which is very fulfilling.

Through Reiki, I can enhance the energy that is within each person, I can address people holistically and above all, I can dedicate the necessary time to that person.